69 Face Off Sex Position


Face Off Sex Position
This is a great way to transition into Ben Dover – the standing partner won’t even have to move a muscle!

Starting upright in a semi-squat position, the standing partner bends at the waist, and touches down to the ground with their hands, carefully bending the head back between their legs to orally receive their lover’s penis. Don’t forget to bend your knees; this will alleviate strain at the joints. The receiving partner is seated on the ground with their legs fully extended in front of them.

69 Face Off Sex PositionIf flexibility is an issue, or the pose proves to be too intense for the standing partner, they can position themselves in a similar manner to Doggy Style – Standing, utilizing a chair for support. If this is the case, Face Off loses the 69 aspect, so the standing partner may want to pay the giver back with some personal attention in return.


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