6 Tips For Healthy Online Relationships


Today, more and more people are engaged in online relationships. I’m not an exception. Different dating sites and apps helped me find four last girlfriends. So, I have more than five years of experience in building, developing and maintaining virtual relationships for today. Of course, not all of them were successful. Frankly, the firsts were awful, and I’m not proud of what kind of boyfriend I was. My “progress” was achieved through trial and error. But I found out several useful dating tips that can make such kind of relationships better. And I want to share them with you.

6 Tips For Healthy Online Relationships

Talk to your online dating partner

I have a friend who thinks that online dating sucks. And he is socially awkward. Seriously, he can’t even make a small talk in line at the supermarket. I can’t even imagine him chatting with a strange woman on a dating site.

Maybe that sounds obvious, but meeting someone on a dating site, you should be ready to talk to this person every day. Especially, if you’ve found each other on the international dating platform, such as the one described in this review – http://datingcritic.org/review/victoriahearts/

 Until you don’t have the option to go out on a date to spend time together, the regular chatting and Skyping are the only ways to become closer to your partner. Even marital relations start dying if people don’t talk to each other, let alone such fragile things as cyber ones.

Improve your communication skills

So, instead of thinking about the negative aspects of online dating, improve your communication skills:

  • Learn how to write clearly. Don’t stand your lady a chance to misinterpret your words.
  • Learn how to be positive. Don’t complain aboutyour ex-girlfriend or boss. Focus on the beautiful woman on the other side of your screen instead.
  • Learn how to be a good listener. If you are always talking about yourself, you have no chances to find a girlfriend on the internet relationship sites. Show some concern for your online partner, too. And try to remember some of the important things she shares with you to mention them in your future conversations.
  • Learn how to use emoticons without overdoing it. A small spoiler: five hearts at first message is too much.
  • And you are not very good at using them, heed the advice of the author of this com review – start a conversation with sending an online gift. It’s much better than plenty of emoticons after your “Hi”.
6 Tips For Healthy Online Relationships
Make time for each other

According to Urban Dictionary, the online relationship definition is:

“When two people communicate via text, snap chat, Facebook, etc. and never speak in person to each other; can be hard to get out of”.

And it’s true. When you are engaged in cyber relationships, you can’t take your lady to a nice restaurant. But you still can turn your communication into a date. Set a specific time you can spend alone with your partner. Turn off all other chats and messenger, give your lady undivided attention. Create some intimacy by asking personal questions to each other. Share romantic playlist on YouTube to create an intimate atmosphere or watch some movie together. Just consider this communication a cyber date and make it amazing!

6 Tips For Healthy Online Relationships

Have an interesting life outside online dating sites

Supporters and opponents of dating sites can spend all day arguing whether online relationships good or bad. But all they agree that such kind of relationships has one undeniable disadvantage – you can’t have a physical contact with your partner. And it’s an essential part of meeting our emotional needs.

So, spend more time with other important people in your life. Have fun with your friends and visit your relatives. Even if you feel that you’d rather spend your evening chatting with your cyber date, don’t throw away an opportunity to go out with your friends. Don’t allow your online relationships to ruin your social life.

Also, continue pursuing your hobby and searching for “like-minded” people. Fill your life with interesting events and activities.

And let your partner have a life outside of your relationship, too. The trust is a basis of healthy romantic relationships.

Read “success stories”

If you are the only person in your circle who has met a girlfriend on a dating site, this online relationship advice could be useful for you: stop listening to people who don’t believe that you can handle it.

If you really have feelings for your online partner, don’t let anyone’s words come between you and her.

Instead, find other people engaged in virtual relationships or just read the “success stories” on the Internet. My favorite is this one – VictoriaHearts.com: online dating across Australia in 2017.

Always remember that the history of online dating could be traced back more than 300 years, starting from the first personal ad in the newspaper. So, you’re definitely not the first guy facing this kind of issue.

Discuss the future with your partner

If you want to be engaged in serious relationships, you should be sure that your current partner wants the same. So, sooner or later you have to discuss where it is going. This conversation can be intimidating, but you should be sure that you’re not wasting your time on someone who doesn’t ready to move your relationships to the next stage. Remember that you deserve mature and loving relationships that lead to marriage.

And if you’ve met on the international dating site, it’s also necessary to discuss whether any of you is ready to move to another country. It’s a big decision. Read a story about people, which have successfully handled it – https://topolinedatingsites.com/victoria-hearts-dating-site-helped-american-guy-find-love-canada/.

And if you are in healthy relationships, you will have shared vision of the future.

So, if you’ve already met your dream woman on a dating site, don’t waste your time on doubts and googling pros and cons of online dating. Get to know your partner better instead. Develop mutual interests. Be spontaneous. Be sincere. Put effort into your online relationships – and one day you’ll successfully turn them into offline ones.