50 Shades of Grey Sex Positions


fever is upon us once again so what better way to celebrate the release of the film version than experiment with some 50 Shades Of Grey inspired ?

From the downright kinky to dominant moves and submissive S&M there’s plenty of fun ways to give your life a Red Room worthy makeover.

We’ve come up with the best from the book and have gone one better – we’ve made sure they’re all super pleasurable for the woman too – after all it’s not just about Christian Grey getting his kicks – we need ours too!

If you want to really stay true to the book, then you’ll need to make sure you’re being submissive to your man – remember you should never do any sex moves you’re not comfortable with.

These sex positions will guarantee you’ll BOTH have a good time. Check out our exclusive Kama Sutra – 50 Shades Of Grey style – and start channeling your ‘inner goddess’ now! Enjoy…


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