5 Unbelievable Health Benefits Of Masturbation You NEED To Know


Find out why orgasms are so good for you!

5 Unbelievable Health Benefits Of Masturbation You NEED To KnowSelf-pleasure is rarely talked about, and female masturbation especially still makes people oddly uncomfortable. About 92 percent of women say they masturbate — so why aren’t we talking about it?

Solo sex can not only boost your emotional well-being and your sex life — it can also improve your health. So read on to learn some of the incredible health benefits of your party of one.

1. Improves Sleep
No more counting sheep. Masturbation is actually a natural snooze sedative. Better (and way more exciting) than the rainforest sleep sounds on your iPod, self-pleasure produces endorphins — the essential chemicals that help ease pain, stress, relax and help you catch up on those zzz’s.

2. Strengthens Muscles
Ready for a workout? Masturbation tones pelvic and anal muscles. Not only does having a stronger pelvic floor lead to better sex, it can also reduce a woman’s chance of involuntary urine leakage, according to Planned {{ Parenthood }}. Who knew?

3. Menstruation Pain Relief
Midol and heating pads, step aside. According to WebMD, self-pleasure can actually relieve a lot of the pain you feel during your period. Premenstrual irritability, cramps and those painful backaches you get during your period can all be eased by masturbation. How? It increases blood flow to the pelvic region. Why didn’t we know about this sooner?

4. Alleviates Urinary Tract Infections
Prone to UTIs? Masturbating not only helps relieve discomfort, it also can flush out old bacteria from the cervix. Another excuse to hop into bed.

5. Lowers Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes
As if you even needed another reason orgasm, women who experience more big Os were shown to have a greater resistance to type 2 diabetes. One way to ensure more climaxes? Self-pleasuring!


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