5 Reasons She’s Never In The Mood… and How To Fix It



How to bring her sexy back!

Do you ever wonder what happened to the early stages of your relationship when she wanted to get it on as much as you?

Has your womans sex drive recently taken a dive worse than the crash of ‘08?

Do you feel like you have to “earn” sex… and even when you do “get lucky”, it’s nowhere near as hot or exciting as you’d like?

Society would have you believe it’s normal and that just don’t like sex as much as men, but as you’re about to learn, that’s not true at all.

5 Reasons She’s Never In The Mood… and How To Fix It

In fact, when you use the 5 tips below, you just might find being the one who has to turn her down because she wants it more often than you.

Here are the 5 most common reasons women “lose” their sex drive and how to help her get it back stronger than you’ve ever seen before.

Reason # 1. It’s Too Risky

With all of the religious groups, media and society ready to shame and ridicule any who doesn’t repress her desires and fantasies… you have to be the exception.

You have to SHOW her that you will NEVER judge, ridicule or shame her for being the erotically charged goddess she is.


By NEVER judging, ridiculing or shaming ANYONE for their preferences or choices.

When the latest celeb is getting slutified in the media and everyone is talking about how “sad” it is… you applaud the fact that she’s expressing her sensuality no matter what others think.

You NEVER judge anyone’s sexual preferences or fantasies no matter how odd they might seem to you because you know that we all have some weird little kink that’s unusual.

You also know that we don’t choose what turns us on and you cherish that innate and exciting part of us.

You encourage and reward your womans fantasies and fetishes with an open mind and a willingness to explore them with her no matter what our sex-fearing society may think.

If you want her to crave sex with you so much that she initiates it on a regular basis… SHOW her that it’s to “let loose” with you.

Reason # 2. Foreplay Only Happens Before Sex

Most men think foreplay is all the physical stuff that happens before sex.

The truth is that foreplay is ALWAYS happening!

Foreplay has 2 main objectives:

  • Demonstrate that it’s safe for her to “let go” – as discussed above

  • Get her turned on and craving you

If you wait until you’re in the mood to meet these 2 objectives, it can take a long time to bring her up to your level of arousal.

When you realize that foreplay is ALWAYS on and you learn how to give it to her throughout the day, she’s already excited and wanting you BEFORE you get into the .

Think about it this way: Foreplay is the way you at her when she walks through the door.

Foreplay is the way you pin her up against the wall (without hurting her) and then give her a deep, passionate, kiss in the middle of the day.

Foreplay is the way you tell her how sexy her butt looks in those pants, without any expectation of anything else happening.

When you start giving her random foreplay throughout the day, her subconscious brain starts to associate YOU with being turned on and soon enough just seeing you will be enough to get her naughty juices flowing.

Reason # 3. There’s No Excitement

Think about the most exciting and pleasurable sexual experience you ever had.

Got it?

Now what made it so exciting?

I’ve never asked anyone this question and heard “we were in bed having missionary sex like we always do…”

There’s usually some element or risk, danger, or lots of resistance that says you shouldn’t be doing this.

It’s not vanilla.

It’s not typical.

It doesn’t fit in the bounds of routine.

So think about how you could incorporate more excitement into your sex life.

If your mind is drawing a blank, my sex god surveys will give you more ideas than you could shake your at.

Reason # 4. There’s No Variety

This is different from excitement.

This is about the TYPE of sex you have.

The media would have you believe that women only want to “make ” and have romantic sex.

But that’s just 1 kind of sex and she wants more, much more!

She wants to be ravaged with rough, passionate sex.

She wants quickies.

She has some odd fantasy or fetish that she’s burning to have fulfilled.

She wants and NEEDS a variety of sexual experiences in order to be truly fulfilled.

Don’t be the guy who gets great at just 1 type of sex because she’ll never be completely satisfied.

Reason # 5. You Usually Come First

Look, sometimes we get so turned on that we just can’t control ourselves and lose it before we’re ready…

I get it.

I get being so nervous that you have a hard time getting or keeping an erection…

But there is no reason you can’t give your girl at least 1 foreplay orgasm before you move onto penetration.

Did you know clit has over 8,000 nerve endings and 18 specific parts? Or how about the fact that women can have 9 different types of orgasms? When you combine all the possibilities, there are 67 ways to give a woman foreplay orgasms!

Then we could talk about multiples, simultaneous and even blended orgasms… the possibilities are limitless.


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