4 Masturbation Moves You Should Try


Plus what vibrators to use.

4 Masturbation Moves You Should Try

1. The power pose. Kneel on the bed, thighs spread apart, and lean back against a wall as you touch yourself. This solo pose gives you VIP access to your own body, allowing for external or internal vibrators, and the extra blood flow to your pelvis in this position will get your own motor running. Plus, you have a free hand to play with the girls. P.S. If your bed isn’t up against a wall, feel free to move to the sofa…especially if Scandal is on.

2. The wet and wild.
Ain’t no ‘bating like shower-‘bating. While standing, put one foot up on the edge of the tub. Now minister to your clit with your fingers…or your removable showerhead. Remaining upright means you’re twerking those pelvic muscles toward a bigger orgasm, and because your lady bits are so exposed, warm water is rushing over parts that rarely get any love.

3. The old faithful. Lie on the bed facing up. Once you’ve found your hot spot, double down by grabbing a curved internal vibe to stimulate the G-spot simultaneously. Now drop your head down over the edge of the bed. The resulting blended O (both G-spot and clitoral) + the blood rushing to your head = ♥♥♥♥♥.

4. The surprise sensation. Lie on the bed facedown, with your back arched and bum slightly in the air. Now reach backward through your legs with your nondominant hand and touch your clit that way. To switch it up even more, change the way you normally hit your hot button. If you’re an up-and-down kind of girl, try stroking diagonally. Or if you usually go straight for the bull’s-eye, tease yourself by circling your clit with your fingertip, building anticipation and indirectly stimulating your nerve endings until you can’t stand it anymore. It’s like playing the sexy stranger game with yourself.


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