Put your sex life into overdrive with 4 car sex positions


Put your sex life into overdrive

Put your sex life into overdrive with 4 car sex positionsOoooh, car sex: Shifting into high gear while your automobile is in park recalls those heady teenage days when sex seemed forbidden. For those of us who didn’t get it on as teens at Makeout Point in high school — but wish we could have — these car sex positions  will have you jeepin’ in no time. The threat of getting caught will only add to the thrill.


1. Backseat Driver

How you do it:

“Flip the front passenger seat forward and push it as close as possible toward the dash,” says Lisa Sweet, author of 365 Sex Thrills. “He can then recline on the passenger-side backseat, with his legs resting on either side of the front passenger headrest. She climbs on top of him facing away from him and, depending on her height and the kind of car, can either kneel or bend her legs so her feet are planted outside his hips. To take him for a test drive, all she has to do is clutch the headrest to add some turbo power and shift his gear stick up, down and all around.”

*Safety first: “Turn off the car to avoid making this a final joy trip. Also put down a towel or something else to protect the seat material. Last, stay on the passenger side of the car so there are no accidental horn honks as the action heats up,” Sweet says.

Why it’s awesome:

“It’s a space-efficient move that doesn’t compromise on pleasure no matter what size the car,” Sweet says. “Any woman-on-top move means she drives the action, bumping and grinding as she desires while he gets to lie back and come along for the thrill ride. Add an outing to the wild side by using the safety belts to strap him in tight and restrict his movements.”



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