These Are the 4 Biggest Turnoffs In Bed, According to Single People

40’s annual “Singles in America” survey shows that there are a few specific things getting in the way of a good time

These Are the 4 Biggest Turnoffs In Bed, According to Single People

In the survey, asked what their biggest red flags were during — the things most likely to make them say it was bad. 82 percent of singles said “too much talking” was the quickest way to get rated as bad, followed by “no ” at 74 percent, “little movement” at 63 percent, and finally, being a bad kisser at 62 percent.

(Are you a bad kisser? ’s how you can tell.)

So what’s the opposite of someone who talks too much, doesn’t move, and isn’t passionate? The study had some insight into what makes for good sex as well.

An overwhelming 83 percent of singles “regard a caring and enthusiastic partner” as the number one sign of good sex. The second most indicator of good sex, the survey said, was communication, at 78 percent, and “being a good kisser” came in third at 76 percent. All three of those factors, in fact, ranked higher than actually getting off.

It’s worth noting that all of these factors are part of a whole. The data shows that ideally, to have great sex, you should be genuinely into the sex you’re having, be an open communicator (but don’t too much!), and make damn sure you’re a good kisser. The fact that getting off isn’t at the top of the list means that if you’re nailing those parts, theres a good chance your partner will still have a good time. And as far as the almighty O goes, we’ve got some tips on helping her get there, but ultimately, don’t focus on it too much.