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Real talk: It’s finally December, which means we only have a few more days left to close out 2019. And honestly, this year has been a freaking rollercoaster ride in terms of dating and relationships. Beginning with what happened in the celeb universe, let’s kick things off with the good stuff.

One of the three Joe Bros, aka the middle child, aka Joe Jonas, got married to Sophie Turner in a series of TWO weddings. The first was in a Las Vegas chapel (which was actually live-streamed and leaked by Diplo), and the second was at a more formal event at the Chateau Martinay in France. (And yes, Maisie Williams was ofc the maid of honor.) There was also the good news that Jenna Dewan has a bun in the oven with boyfriend, Steve Kazee. *Internally screams!* We stan a romantic love story.

But then, there were the not-so-happy parts of 2019: The surprise breakups of Miley and Liam… and Miley and Kaitlyn Carter… and maybs Miley and Cody? TBD, since there’s still some time left before we hit 2020. Also, don’t forget the yuuge Kardashian cheating scandal earlier this year when Khloe Kardashian’s former boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, was seen “all over” Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, at an exclusive party in L.A. Yup, that happened.

Seriously, this doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface on all the shit that occurred this year. And these were just examples from Celebland. When it comes to our own love lives, the average person discovered new dating terms (like WTF a “toyfriend” is and what it means to experience “post-nut clarity”). And as the below data from dating apps, Cosmo’s own polls, and a few random sources proves, nothing about hooking up or falling in love this year made sense.

Here, presented without comment, the weirdest, most WTF dating and sex stats of 2019:

Source: Cosmopolitan


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