14 Hands-Free Sex Toys You (or Your Partner) Can Wear During Sex


Who said sex toys were just for solo…

14 Hands-Free Sex Toys You (or Your Partner) Can Wear During SexWho said sex toys were just for solo...

Say the phrase “sex toys,” and slightly antiquated visions of Sex and the City‘s over-the-top embodiment of sex positivity Samantha Jones spending a weekend cozied up with her vibrator might come to mind. Sex toys are the things we turn to when we’re feeling lonely, or horny, or bored—and when we don’t want to exert the additional effort manual masturbation tends to require.

But sex toys don’t have to be reserved solely for the realm of lonely nights or lackadaisical weekends; one oft-overlooked option is to bring a sex toy into the bedroom, with a partner, and let the fun unfold from there. Like other toys, they are sometimes most fun when used with (one or more) friends.

Sure, integrating a clunky vibrator into your partner-play repertoire might be awkward to choreograph at first, but it’s often well worth the effort. These encounters pave the way for frank communication, unique sexual experiences, and awkward memories that might be funny to recount at parties one day. Plus, there are a handful (heh) of hands-free toys that are designed to be used during intercourse and carry the promise of seamlessly fitting into your sexual routine.

Here, 17 expert-recommended, customer-approved hands-free toys that you can weave into your routine without giving it a second thought.

Source: Self