10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Are In A Bad Mood

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Are In A Bad Mood
All it needs is one little, annoying thing and you can find yourself in a really bad mood for the rest of the day. We’ve all been there, you snap at the kids, your patience is short, and you really wish that people would stop annoying you so much! When you’re in this mood, it’s best to simply leave some things for another day and here are ten of the things that you really shouldn’t do, when you are in a bad mood:

1. Don’t post on Facebook, if you don’t want to end up in hot water

If you want to vent your anger by writing it down, then do it in a private journal, not on Facebook. Changing your status in anger or posting your true feelings about your boss, will only get you in hot water.

2. Don’t overeat. Demolishing all the cookies in the jar won’t help you

Demolishing all the sweets and cookies in the jar won’t help you either! People often think that eating comfort food will calm them down and put them in a better mood, but it is more likely to help you put on weight and give you a bad case of indigestion!

3. Don’t go for a drive. Driving while angry is never a good idea!

If you are in a really bad mood, then stay away from the car. Driving while angry is never a good idea, because you will make mistakes and be over aggressive. What’s more, you also tend to stare straight ahead when you are angry, so you will not be seeing everything that is going on around you properly.

4. Don’t make rash decisions. You will probably see things differently tomorrow…

“That’s it, I quit!” Or “Go on, get out!” These are probably not the kind of things to be saying, when you know you are in a bad mood. Don’t make any important decisions when you feel like this. Think it through; you will probably see things differently tomorrow.

5. Don’t go back for round two

If it’s an argument that has set you off in this mood, then don’t go back for another go at the same argument, just yet. When you are in a bad mood, you probably won’t be able to get your point of view across and you’ll still be left in a bad mood after round two.

6. Don’t drink alcohol, it won’t calm you down; often, it has the opposite effect!

People think that alcohol will calm them down, but often it will have the opposite effect. Alcohol removes your inhibitions, so you are even more likely to vent your anger, in a way that you later can regret.

7. Don’t write emails, because once you’ve sent it, there’s no turning back!

You can’t take back an email, so think, before you send. It might feel good getting all the anger out in an email, but once you’ve sent it, there’s no turning back and the recipient has it as cold, hard evidence of what you said too!

8. Don’t keep going over things in your head, let it go instead; what is done is done!

If someone has been unfair to you and that’s put you in a bad mood, don’t keep going over and over what they did, in your mind. Put it out of your mind and remember that what is done is done. Dwelling on it will only make you feel worse.

9. Don’t take it out on everyone else; the gossipers will always exaggerate and get the story wrong

Keep calm and don’t tell everyone what’s bothering you. Talking to a close friend might help, but if you tell everyone about it, the gossips will start talking about your private life, and they will always exaggerate and get the story wrong.

10. Don’t sleep on it, it can only reinforce your bad mood

Try not to go to bed in a bad mood or when you are angry. Unless it’s just tiredness that is causing your bad mood, sleeping on it will probably just reinforce the bad mood, and that is assuming that you can sleep at all!

What other things one shouldn’t do when in a bad mood?

Stay happy!

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